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Spa Services



Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage                                      1 hour  $85.00

A full body massage that incorporates the use of warm, smooth stones hand picked from the shores of Montauk.  Stones are strategically placed on certain areas of the body, they are then incorporated in the massage with our own blend of aromatic oil to produce a state of peaceful calm.  This massage is used to relieve stress and promote spiritual balance.


Aromatherapy Massage        1/2 Hour $45.00 / 1 Hour $75.00/ 90 min $115.00

A massage combining essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell and relaxation, we can help to relieve stress and tension or rejuvenate you body & mind. (Half Hour focuses on a specific area of the body)


Deep Tissue Massage                                     1/2 Hour $60.00 1 Hour $100.00

A full body massage which helps improve physical and athletic performance through the rhythmic application of thumbs, knuckles, forearms and elbows to specific areas of tension.


Relaxation Massage               1/2 Hour $40.00 /1 Hour $70.00/90 min $115.00

A massage that stimulates energy flow and helps to release stress and tension.  (Half Hour focuses on upper body)


Amma Therapy Massage           1/2 Hour $40.00 (upper body) /1 Hour $70.00

A Eastern massage employing techniques and applications of pressure meant to open the channels of the body.  By manipulating certain
acupressure points, energy is moved throughout the body promoting health and well being.  Great for stress relief and trouble sleeping. 

(Half Hour focuses on upper body)


Therapeutic Massage                1/2 Hour $50.00 /1 Hour $80.00/90 Min $130.00

A medium pressure massage that helps to relieve pain and restore tissue to a healthy state.  Recommended for chronic pain of the neck, shoulder, lower back and legs.  Our therapist will access your pain and customize your treatment according to your specific needs. 

(Half Hour focuses on upper body, One Hour Full Body)


Sciatic Treatment                                                                       $70.00

Concentrating on the lower back and legs, this treatment helps promote pain relief for suffers of sciatic pain and will help promote greater range of motion. 

 Massage Add-Ons

30 min Sleep Session $30

20 min Aromatherapy Scalp Massage $25


 Add a 15 minute Aromatherapy Steam Shower to any treatment for $15.00

Steam treatment NOT recommended with Maternity Massage




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